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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Craig Elementary School "Save our Beaches" Challenge

Craig Elementary School "Save our Beaches" Challenge

Our goal is to study a section of our beach and record human impact on the beach animals and environment during sea week activities. Craig's 3rd grade class decided that it was important to help educate the students and new teachers on how to "Save our Beaches" when taking field trips to the beach. We decided to steak out 4 sections of ballpark beach before other classes covered the area by using rocks patterned in a 6 x 6 square. In the classroom we began coming up with "Beach Rules" that would protect the environment & animals. These rules would help people become aware that we are visitors on the beach and we should respect nature as it is and try not to disturb the beauty that we are in charge of. The rules were put on poster board and decorated with local sea life art. The groups went to each class in the elementary to give a presentation on how to keep our beaches safe from human impact. We have also posted some photos of Japanese Tsunami debris in our Craig, Alaska Photo Gallery.

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